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. right now, police are searching for the person who sexually assaulted a young woman waiting for a bus early this morning in northern virginia. the price of a cocktail could soon go up in virginia. governor bob mcdonald is expected to unveil a plan to impose a new tax on bars and restaurants. the debate over today. the loudoun county board of supervisors are expected to vote on whether to allow religious displays outside the courthouse. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, september 8th, 2010. right now, police are on the lookout for a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman in fairfax county. the 23-year-old was attacked
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just before 4:30 near la vista drive and franconia road. tracee wilkins joins us from alexandria. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. investigators wrapped up their investigation here in the immediate neighborhood. they have not wrapped up their search for the suspects. fairfax county police are going door to door warning neighbors and searching for clues after a 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted at a neighborhood bus stop. >> we believe this attack was random. a woman standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus. someone approached her from behind and began to assault her. >> reporter: it happened just before 4:30 this morning on franconia road, a major commuter route. a man jogging by found the woman. police were there within minutes. a quiet suburban area. >> it's very unusual for this area, this neighborhood. we have been here for 40 years and never had a problem.
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>> reporter: the victim is expected to be okay and is recovering at fairfax hospital. for people who live in this community, the hope is that the suspect is caught quickly. >> we have good police patrol through here. i just don't know what you could do. >> in the meantime, police say, be careful. >> is an area where we get up early, go to work early, exercise early. take precautions no matter where you are throughout the county or the region. >> police do have a bit of a description for the suspect. he is described as a 40-year-old ma male, between 25 and 40. he wore a white t-shirt and tan cargo pants. call 1-866-41 tips, call if you have information. >> a police standoff ended in
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southwest washington after members of the s.w.a.t. team arrived. it is not clear how it ended. no reports of injuries or deaths. police say a man barricaded himself inside a home on "n" street southwest. he held a woman inside the house. police have not said what led to the barricade. >> right now, the loudoun county board of supervisors is taking a vote on whether to allow religious displays outside the courthouse. the controversial issue was sparked last november when a resident-based commission decided the county should ban all religious displays. since then, public outcry. dozens of people attend aid public hearing to voice their opinions. the loudoun county board of supervisors met this morning and are expected to take a final vote any time now. outside, beautiful. the temperature, we'll have to ask tom. we know the thermometer is in the sun. it is probably not 92 degrees.
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good morning to you. this time of the morning. it will be heating up to 90 this afternoon. it is already starting to feel certainly like a summer day in september. all around our region, we had clouds this morning. a few did produce a few sprinkles across northern virginia, shenandoah valley and eastern virginia. we are hitting the low and mid-80s. 86 at reagan national, mid-80s in the suburbs and many of the rural areas are above 80 degrees. it is going to climb to near 90 by mid-afternoon. not too humid. moderately humid. this morning, it was near 50 in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia and a few isolated locations. most areas were in the 60s to near 70. the front has gone through. that front is bringing in blustery winds into the mountains behind that front. we will have lots of sunshine around the metro area. still, some clouds through north central virginia and southern maryland for the next several
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hours. it should clear out there as well. those winds will increase to 10 to 25 miles an hour by mid afternoon. that increases our fire danger. we are parched. we have tender, dry conditions and any fire gets going with those blustery winds could be turning into a wild fire. you have to watch out for that. no outside fires are allowed now. we're really in extreme fire danger because of that. we will take a look at the forecast for the rest of the week coming up. we're going to check midday traffic now. we have steve in for jerry edwards. he joins us with the latest on the traffic. looks like you have a problem on the beltway. actually, that's the 14th street bridge. it is a problem. we have road work and an accident. this is headed in by the way of the outbound 14th street bridge. accident along the right. work zone along the left. all of this causing major backup. once you get under the bridge, it gets better.
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getting there will be a bit of a problem. next, we will head over to springfield and see how we are doing over there right now with no major backups. that road work we have become used to heading south on 90, not there. >> we will check in with you shortly. virginia governor, bob mcdonald, changed the commonwealth's rules on who can get a driver's license. he has directed dmv not to accept federal employment cards as a form of legal residence. a grand jury indicted carlos montano for felony murder for the death of a none. he was driving drunk. one of the nunns died. the felony murder is the most serious ever brought in a drunk driving case in prince william county. the prosecutor says the charge
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was warranted because it was his third infraction. the man accused of shooting at a bethesda woman is in a pennsylvania jail. joshua prince turned himself over to police in pennsylvania yesterday 50 miles north of harrisburg. officers say he fired at his ex-girlfriend yesterday morning in the garage of the bethesda apartment complex they both live in. he took off. the woman was not hurt. court documents show she filed a protective order against him last week. police are looking for a man who stole several guns in a home invasion in the 5200 block in the kenwood section of bethesda. a man knocked on the back door and forced his way in stealing four guns and ammunition. a 101-year-old-man was inside the home at the time. virginia governor bob
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mcdonald esexpected to unveil a plan to put a 4% tax on all bars and restaurants and 1.5% tax on stores that sell liquor and a 2.5% tax on the overall annual sales. the money raised would make up for the money lost in the state privatizes the liquor stores. together, he believes the changes could bring in $260 million a year. eight minutes after 11:00 is our time right now. destructive fires, tom was just talking about that. coming up, the latest on the wind-fueled fire that destroyed dozens of homes in three detroit neighborhoods. the blame game. bp releases the results of an internal investigation into the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. super fans turn out in force for lady
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c doubleeat, dtoda
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president obama will travel to cleveland this afternoon to pitch another idea he feels will help fix the economy. he proposed $50 billion for transportation projects to create jobs. today, he is expected to talk about a new series of tax breaks. tracie potts has more. >> reporter: the president is expected to urge congress to let the bush tax cuts expire for the
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wealthy. he wants to spend $50 billion on transportation projects and create $200 billion in business tax breaks allowing small businesses to write off capital investments giving them more cash to hire new workers. >> we are talking investments that are creating hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs right now. >> reporter: all of it is paid for by ending tax breaks for big companies. republicans say it is the wrong approach. >> i don't think the american people want anymore stimulus coming out of washington. >> reporter: it's a probusiness agenda designed to help ailing democrats in november. >> the state of the nation is what should be the driving force and not whether you are democrat, republican or somewhere in between. >> reporter: president obama hoping the promise will convince voters to stick with his party.
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>> reporter: economists are split on whether these tax breaks will work and help create jobs. president obama needs the support of congress to get this done. right now, most of them are up for re-election. from washington, i'm tracie potts. back to you. since republicans are opposed to spending, john boehner has a different plan, a two-year freeze on all tax rates and a cut in government spending to the levels of 2008 before the recession hit. president obama may have to find himself a new chief of staff if rahm emanuel decides to run for major of chicago. he said it is no secret that he would like to run someday. he said he would work for long-time major, richard daley's re-election if he would run again. he announced yesterday he would not be seeking a seventh term. emanuel is a rest of chicago's north side. new today, bp says it shares
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the blame for the explosion on the deepwater horizon rig that started the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the company released their internal report this morning. >> reporter: bp concludes that no single factor was to blame for the explosion. instead, a series of failures from a number of responsible parties. the report based on four months of research from a team led by bp's safety officers outlines the failures from cement at the bottom of the well that allowed gas and liquid to flow up the casing to misinterpretation of a pressure test by bp and transocean. finally, the failure of that critical blowout preventer on the sea floor. this morning, bp's incoming ceo, bob dudley, said, quote, we have said from the beginning that the explosion on the deepwater horizon was a shared responsibility among many entities. this report makes that
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conclusion even clearer. sharing the blame could be key to limiting bp's legal liability for the disaster that killed 11 and leaked more than 4 million barrels of oil into the gulf. the company's internal report is far from the final word. it's release comes as the fbi begins to inspect the failed blowout preventer brought up from the sea floor over the weekend and now a crucial piece of evidence in the justice department's criminal investigation into a disaster the government has promised those responsible will pay for. >> you can read the report for yourself at we are following a developing story in colorado. firefighters are trying to contain a wild fire that destroyed more than 90 homes and buildings. the fire broke out monday morning in boulder county and has been burning out of control ever since much the governor of colorado declared a state of
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emergency and more than 3,000 people were forced to leave their homes. officials are investigating reports if the fire started when a car ran into a propane tank. meanwhile, fires destroyed at least two dozen detroit homes. more than 60 fires reported in two neighborhoods since tuesday afternoon. a fire official says the fires may have started when dead tree limbs fell across power lines. no injuries have been reported. tom was just talking about that, giving us a warning earlier, about being careful not to start fire with the windy conditions. >> starting to get blustery now. we continue to have this dry pattern and no really beneficial rain perhaps until maybe sunday. we may get some. between now and then, it's going to stay dry. right now, looking at the dry sky, the live view from our sky watcher camera, looking into virginia from northwest washington where we have plenty of sun. you can see, there is a bank of
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clouds about 30 miles south of washington over virginia and in southern maryland. that bank of clouds is slowly receng off to the south and southeast. right now, at reagan national, 86. heating up for the rainfall for the year has been recorded at almost six inches below average. we are parched. temperatures in the mid-80s in prince george's, arlington and fairfax. southern maryland, near 80. farther wet, culpepper, up to 90 now. in the mid-80s around the shenandoah valley where this morning they did have a few sprinkles. much dryer air moving in. the panhandle of west virginia and washington county points west. from montgomery county south and east around around the bay and near fairfax county, dew points are in the mid-60s. it is going to be drying out as
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the afternoon progresses as we'll have the winds beginning to pick up. we may see gusts near 30 in the next couple of hours. right now out in the mountains where it was in the upper 60s, near 70. cooler air only in the 60s. only in the 50s in the great lakes. some of that chillier air is going to be coming our way. here is what's happening over the last 12 hours. that front did produce a few sprinkles in the mountains. a few sprinkles just to the southeast of fredericksburg and just west of charlottesville. this is this cloud deck that is slowly receding off to the south and east and will be moving away. in the atlantic, we don't have any storms near us, near the atlantic seaboard or the gulf of mexico. however, just off the screen, a new tropical storm, tropical storm egor off the western coast
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over the eastern atlantic. we will keep an eye on that. it is still at least ten days or two weeks away from affecting anything here along the atlantic seaboard. the wider view showing a large area of high pressure coming down from canada in the upper midwest. only in the 40s and 50s there now. cool autumn weather beginning to move there. that will approach us. where you see these lines close together, these are generally an indication of strong winds as the pressure is more compacted here. we will have increased winds moving into the mountains later today. some brief gusts later this afternoon and evening as the high pressure pushes in and low pressure deepens. wind will begin to pick up later today and may continue tonight as well as into tomorrow. as this high pressure rolls over us on friday, things will settle down. for it this afternoon, mostly sunny and increasing wind moderate humidity.
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humidity levels will be dropping as the afternoon does progress. overnight tobt, we will have blustery wind and clear skichlt the up upper 50s by dawn tomorrow. a big change coming in. still blustery tomorrow. the winds die down tomorrow afternoon and evening. friday, afternoon highs, sunny. a few clouds coming in sat afternoon and evening. some of hermine's tropical rains now way out in the southern plains may make their way east. we may get a portion of the moisture on sunday, in the morning through midday for the skins games sunday night. dry as we get back to work on monday and tuesday next week. >> thank you, tom. we're going to check on the mid-day traffic. steve, what is going on? we want to take you back to the 14th street bridge where it is heavy and slow.
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there was an accident on the outbound 14th street bridge with very slow traffic. in the right lane. as you continue across the bridge, there was road work in the left lane. so very slow zigzag over to the 14th street bridge as you make your way from the district into arlington. inbound, we are okay. o outbound, it will take you longer to get in leaving the district. we will take you over to the beltway in silver spring. they are doing mobile pothole repairs. right now, it looks pretty good as you have the inner loop and outer loop in silver springs. that could slow down very quickly. barbara, back to you. >> steve, thank you. 21 minutes after 11:00 is our time right now. still ahead on "news 4 midday," treating adhd. do medications work and what side effects should parents be watching for? plus, one of the most common
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materials dentists use to protect teeth may pose a health risk. what could now keep albert haines wort from starting in the season opener against dallas? first, here is a look at what's hot on nbc washington.
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♪ caught in a bad romance. >> goo goo for gaga. pop queen, lady gaga took over chinatown. she performed at the verizon center, performing for about 90 minutes last night, all of the little monsters, as lady gaga affectionately calls her fans seemed to have a great time. we now know the list of artists that will be honored at the kennedy center. oprah winfrey and paul mccartney and country singer merle haggard
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will receive honors. there are reports that the skins are in talks to trade albert haynesworth from the tennessee titans. that's where he started his career. haynesworth and redskins head coach, mike shanahan, haven't seen eye to eye. he has already collected $32 million, haynesworth has, since he signed his $100 million contract before last season. redskins general manager is denying the trade rumors. it is 11:26. coming up, do you take maryland, virginia, or d.c. highways to get to work? your commute could mean you are driving on some of the worst highways in the country. plus, government, religious and military leaders are all speaking out this morning. they want a florida pastor to stop his plan to burn the koran on september 11th. what the pastor is saying this
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morning. nasa is hoping they can help trap miners in chile. how the safe agency is lending a hand. tom kierein
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police are looking for a man that sexually assaulted a woman in fairfax county. the 23-year-old victim was
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attacked just before 4:30 near la vista drive and franconia road. she says her attacker was a heavy seth man between 25 and 40. >> the loudoun county board of supervisors is taking a vote as to whether to allow religious displays outside the county courthouse. it started last november when a resident-based commission decided the county should ban all religious displays. since then, there has been public outcry. the board is expected to announce their vote any time now. a florida church pastor plans to burn the koran on september 11th. this morning, secretary of state, hillary clinton, joined the white house, religious and military leaders in urging the pastor to cancel plans to burn the muslim's holy book. >> reporter: kabul, afghanistan is more than 7600 miles a way but it took only a few internet
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clicks for protesters to find pastor terry jones likeness and burn him in effigy. pastor joins says he is the one that has ascended. >> they are burning our flag and pictures of us and we are supposed to do nothing. we are supposed to apologize for our actions. i think we must do something. >> reporter: the church displayed more than 200 korans to news cameras. some they bought. others were donated. the church says that members will burn them saturday, the anniversary of 9/11. >> we believe in what we believe. we believe in the bible. we believe in standing up for it. >> we are not going to allow that mosque -- >> reporter: this as those protesti protesting construction of a mosque near ground zero. they say they are preceding with the community center which will be multi-faith. they say they are planning a
11:32 am
multi-faith memorial for the victims of 9/11, insists, he is sympathetic of the families and writes in today's "new york times," let us commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 by pausing to reflect and meditate and tone down the vitriol. moderate muslim americans say the protest and the threatened koran burning signal a growing intolerance. >> it is hurtful. it does hurt a lot of people, including our congregation here. what gives us comfort is to know that the scripture and the message of the scripture is something in our hearts and minds and nobody can take that away. >> reporter: in afghanistan in the background, the chant, ala is great and long live islam. u.s. commanders say they fear pictures of koran's burning in
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the u.s. will be as damaging in the muslim world as the snapshots of prisoners being abused at the abu gray prison. there are an estimated 100,000 troops in afghanistan, general david petraeus says, were the actual burning to take place, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy. an associate pastor as the gainsville church tells nbc news he believes the general has it backwards. >> we believe american lives are at danger no matter what. our actions do not cause the violence. >> reporter: in an already volatile afghanistan, there is also some evidence of backlash. some of the 500 protesters turned on u.s. troops and started to throw rocks. >> that was terry sanders reporting. president obama will mark the nineth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. he spoke at the pentagon's
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memorial ceremony last year. vice president, joe biden will travel to new york to mark the an remember sear. federal investigators are looking fl looking into a threatening message on a thai plane. passengers were taken off and rescreened at a security terminal. officials have not released what the message said. nasa is helping the global effort to rescue chilean miners trapped beneath the earth. they shared their knowledge to help the 33 trapped miners. the doctors offered their expertise helping rescuers make sure the trapped men were receiving proper medical and psychological treatment. it may be a challenge getting the men out of the mine. there are also concerns about what happens after they are
11:35 am
free. >> they will, in their own right, have a certain celebrity status, within their country. there will be a lot of pressures put upon them. >> it could be four months before the miners are finally rescued and freed. >> hermine has been downgraded to a tropical depression. it is still causing damage in texas have the parts of the state got hit by heavy rain. a number of homes were damaged and tens of thousands were left without power. even more rain is expected today. tom, we've been watching hermine for the last couple of days. i guess this didn't surprise you that it got downgraded at this point. >> right, right. it is still unloading a lot of rain as you mentioned. some of that rain, a portion of it, may be arriving here on sunday. the upper levels may tap the rain and sweep it east. right now, no rain here. look at the blue sky. we are looking off to the
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west/northwest across northwest washington in the foreground. off in the distance is arlington and fairfax county beyond that. we don't have any clouds here now. over virginia, about 30 or 40 miles south of washington, still, rather cloudy and temperatures around the region are heating up. it is up to 90 at national airport. it is certainly feeling like summertime with this moderate humidity. the winds are beginning to pick up. gusts at reagan national to 25. a gust at martinsburg to 33. with the parts condition, certainly a high fire danger time with the blustery winds that have come in behind a front that swept through earlier this morning that did produce a few sprinkles earlier this morning. those have dissipated for the rest of the day. we will have a gradually clearing sky where there are clouds and blustering winds. quite a change from near 90 to the 50s tomorrow morning. some seasonably cool weather coming in for thursday, friday,
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and saturday. cooler than average for this time of year with sunshine. on sunday, some of the rains may make their way in in the morning through midday. drying out in time for the skins game sunday night. dry monday and tuesday with sun returning. i will be back with another update in a few minutes. >> fall is flirting with us. >> it will be here tonight. >> thanks a lot, tom. we are going to head out to the roads again. steve, what 's it looking like? >> a fire between springfield and the wilson bridge. after telegraph road before you get to route 1, an express lane, the box truck fire. authorities are headed there now. if you are ahead of schedule, you can get over to the local lanes, you can avoid that. express lanes on the outer loop heading towards the wilson bridge from springfield. watch for the latest as the response arrives on the scene over to the beltway river roadway. everything is moving through
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nicely. the road work, occasional pothole repairs. watch out for that in springfield. everything is looking good as you head south on i-95. barbara, back to you. >> steve, thank you. consider this when you are stuck on the road. washington region has some of the worst highway systems in the country according to a new ro report. maryland was ranked 43 out of 50 states just seven more worse than us because of congestion and the per-mile spending. washington received low marks because of traffic and poor pavement conditions. virginia came in at 18 on the list, not bad, actually just six slots lower than it was a year ago. a body recovered off the coast of oern yun city has been identified as a missing man from
11:39 am
the district. 23-year-old malik delgato was swimming with friends on august 28th when a rip current swept him away. after searching for him for several days, coast guard crews called off their search. a body was discovered by a boater 16 miles offshore this week. the medical examiner later determined that it was delgato. whi we are less than one week away from the d.c. mayor primary. the two main candidates are asking some of their supporters to cool things down. campaign workers for mayor adrian fenty and vincent gray have clashed at polling sites. gray has suggested that more police may be needed at polling sites to keep things under control. d.c. police are reviewing security with the board of elections. >> our time right now, 11:39.
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the anacostia waterway is getting a facelift. they will transform the yard into a mixed use called the yard. they unveiled a plan for this brand new $42 million riverfront park. it will include residential, retail, office space and bike and walking trails as well. still ahead on "news 4 midday," we will have the latest from wall street after a disappointing start to the week for trading. do medications work for adhd. !%
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in the mood for a new child booster seat. they are giving the green light to buy more than two dozen models. they will release results today. 21 models will be rated as best bets. how well do you know the rules of the road? a new study shows 1 in 5 drivers could not pass a written test for driving if they had to take it today. 30 million americans couldn't
11:44 am
pass. gmac insurance polled licensed drivers from 50 states and the district of colombia. 76 did not know the driving distance. 85% did not know what to do at a yellow traffic light. some said, go through the intersection when it turns red when it should have been slow down and proceed with caution if clear. this morning, the labor department released data on job openings. we will check in with courtney reagan. she has information on that and the rest of date's business headlines. good morning. good morning, to you, barbara. the dow is looking pretty healthy today. the dow is up about 62 points. that's after asian markets fell overnight. japan fell against the dollar which would hurt earnings of big exporters like sony and toyota. europe was in the red but managed to turn around.
11:45 am
bp released a report saying that there was no single factor to blame for the deepwater horizon explosion that caused the worse oil spill in u.s. history. as expected, the company takes partial blame but also says errors by transocean and halliburton contributed. that came out in a newly released report at 7:00 a.m. this morning. no the a report by the government but by bp themselves. oracle is calling the loss of the hewlett packet file over hiring a former ceo, mark heard, vindictive. it claims it put the trade secrets in peril. lar larry ellison says they are making it impossible for the companies to work together. his severance agreement does not include a noncompete clause. burger king is expanding it's breakfast menu as it looks
11:46 am
to take some sales away from mcdonald's. they are adding nine items. the number two fast food chain has always served breakfast but it is making it a big focus. breakfast counts for 12% of burger king's revenues but 25% of mcdonald's sales. we will take free samples, right, barbara? >> absolutely. i'm hungry right now. thanks a lot. we will see you tomorrow. it is estimated that 3% to 5% of school age students are diagnosed with attention deaf significance hyperactivity disorder. they are presented with a huge amount of confusing information. dr. joshua weiner joins us this morning to continue our series of discussions about adhd. today, we are going to focus on what parents need to know about treatment options. great to see you. tell me a little bit about the treatment options. it meant most kids who have been diagnosed are put on some kind
11:47 am
of medication. is that right? >> this is a really important question that needed to be answered. nobody takes the decision of putting their child on medication very lightly. a significant study was conducted called the mta trial. what that trial looked at was whether behavioral interventions, such as parent and child training, school interventions, which would require certain accommodations in the classroom and other forms of therapy, they looked at those compared to a group of kids that just received medication and a group that received medication plus the behavioral interventions. what they found was that behavioral interventions are effective but medication is superior. the best treatment is really a combination of both medication and the behavioral interventions. >> are most parents concerned about their children becoming addicted to this medication and never being able to get off of
11:48 am
it? >> that is a concern that some parents come with. another question that i all lotf parents have is whether putting their child on a stimulant medication, whether the medication in and of itself is going to make their child be at an increased risk of abusing drugs later on in life. so there are two parts to that question. the first thing is, when you put a child on medication, in general, what you are looking at is about a one-year period of time for which that child is going to be on medication. every year, you want to re-evaluate. 50% of kids are going to outgrow this disorder. you don't want to keep them on medication indefinitely when they may no longer need it. as for the issue of whether medications contribute to increased drug use later on in life. actually, 12 plus studies have looked at this exact question. what they found is that medication actually is protective against future drug use. we know that people with adhd
11:49 am
are at a higher risk of drug use if not properly treated. >> tell me how the medication works. if a child has hyperactivity, you don't want to stimulate them, do you? >> a lot of people think if you are giving a child a stimulant, you are going to be making the situation worse. in fact, the exact opposite occurs. they all work by increasing one of two brain chemicals, dopamine or nor ep pa nef phrine. they have the effect of calming kids down, helping with hyperactivity, impulsivity and attention. >> what about side effects? >> ere are some side effects. the most common side effect is decreased appetite. that occurs in 80% kids who take the medication. generally, it doesn't cause people to need to stop the medication but it is something that needs to be monitored
11:50 am
closely. some kids develop stomachaches or headaches. they feel like they are not really themselves. the biggest side effect that parents need to be aware of is the issue of growth. what we have found is that the medications, particularly the stimulants, used to address adhd, do slow down the growth of kids taking the medication. it is felt to decrease the rate of growth by about a quarter of an inch to half an inch per year. >> i had not heard that. >> the important thing to note is that it is not felt that the medication will lead the child to be shorter than they other wo wise would be but it would take longer to reach their height. if you are meant to be six feet tall when you are 18 years old, it might take until you are 20 years old if you have taken medication for years. >> i see. we will talk more about this and talk about getting kids off the drugs and how you know when to do it next week.
11:51 am
we will look forward to having you come back. >> thank you. always a pleasure. our time right now, 11:51. avoiding a dangerous chemical at your next visit to the dentist. your next visit to the dentist. tom kierein will be back with for constipation relief... nothing works better than miralax. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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an larming new study shows that a chemical used by dentists is harmful. there are ways to guard against health risks with this. >> it is hard enough for parents to get kids to the dentists. today, a new study suggests that dental sealants used to prevent casts may expose them to an estrogenlike chemical called bpa. >> until they find bpafree alternatives, we would recommend that kids garble with water and spit for at least 30 second after getting the sealant's placed or that the dentist rub the top of the sealant with a roll. tops and linings of metal cans.
11:55 am
the concern has been the possible link for medical problems. >> bpa has been related to diabetes, heart disease, and abnormal behavior in people. >> reporter: bpa levels can spike to 88 times higher than normal immediately after a sealant is applied. >> the components of sealants break down to bpa and stays in the saliva for about a three-hour period. >> reporter: dentist dr. jed best say the benefits far outweigh the risks. they agree but still encourage manufacturers to find alternative chemicals that are bpafree, something that's safe for a child's mouth and a parent's peace of mind. >> the study also mentions pregnant women and advises them to wait until after their babies
11:56 am
are born. we're going to take a roloo at some of the stories we are following. good morning. coming up this afternoon on news 4. we will explain why you should keep the kids off of facebook while they are studying. new information about children and concussion that parents need to know before fall sports get underway. at 5:00 this afternoon, we will have the latest out of leesburg as loudoun county votes on religious displays outside the county courthouse. for those stories and the latest news, join us for news 4 beginning at 4:00. barbara? >> thank you, pat. time for one more check on the forecast. tom is here. we have had the winds increase in the last hour. they are gusting around 25, 30 miles an hour. that is going to continue through the rest of jast noafte. tomorrow, cooler. a bit of a blustery wind tomorrow with sunshine.
11:57 am
sunny on friday and into saturday morning. it should be clear and continued rather cool but then on sunday, a chance for some much-needed rain drying out the first part of next week. we will see you tomorrow morning. >> listen to this. matt lauer revisited his first job as a paper boy. he went back and retraced his old paper route with the girl who is now doing it. you can see he is a little rusty. >> i pedalled my way into a career bringing the news to america one paper at a time. in my little corner of the world was the dalewood rent dal complex on fieldstone drive. i delivered along a spring of apartments in my old working class neighborhood. >> apparently, that was not really what happened when he delivered the newspaper again. matt lauer doesn't deliver your washington post, thank goodness. jay leno made fun of the "today"
11:58 am
show anchor last night. that's "news 4 midday." we thank you for being with us. we invite you to tune in for the daily connection at 2:00. i will see you right here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. for "news 4 midday." have a terrific day! with my friends we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life and the last thing i want to be thinking about is my dentures. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free.
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